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FOB Los Angeles, CA, USA

The most sophisticated true optical viewfinder system

compatible with all formats up to an image diagonal of 46.31mm (Super35, FF, VV, LF).

It is ergonomically designed and lightweight for easy use and features an ultra-bright ground-glass, most suitable with today's high-sensitivity cameras, where light levels are very low on set.

The Finder features easily exchanged, user-definable, frame lines.

The Full Frame Finder is supplied with a Full Frame Eyepiece, and a Custom Case.  You will need to add either or both of the PL and LPL mounts to your order.

As delivered in the stock setup, the Full Frame Finder is compatible with spherical format lenses.  Two different Anamorphic Adapters are an available option, with a squeeze ratio of 1.8x to 2.0x, or 1.5x to 1.65x.  They are easily interchanged by removing 4 screws.  They provide excellent image quality when viewing Anamorphic Lenses.  

An optional Super-35 Open Gate eyepiece is available.  It is easily interchanged with the Full Frame Eyepiece by the removal of 3 screws.  

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• Compatible with all S35, FF, VV, and LF sensor formats, with a maximum Image diagonal of 46.31mm.

• For multifunctional use, it is equipped with the Interchangeable Mount System (IMS), which offers up PL and LPL in Stainless Steel and up to 10 different lens mount options.

• You can use the viewfinder for anamorphic cine lenses - currently supported squeeze factors are 1.5x/1.65x and 1.8x/2.0x. Anamorphic modules are easy to exchange.

• Eyepiece interchangeable for Super-35 Open-Gate and Full Format viewing.

• Revolutionary adaptable Ground Glass Frame Line System.

• Easily create your customized Frame Lines in minutes, using the Optica Magnus "FrameLine" App. The Frame Lines print on Acetate slides with a commonly available Laser Printer. See the User Manual for more information.

• Featuring a compact design and an ergonomically designed Handle with adjustability for Counterbalance.

• HD Video assist system: coming fall of 2023

• Weight: 4.5lbs (2kg)

• Dimensions: L 12.5" x W 4" x H 6" (L 32cm x W 10cm x H 15cm)

• PL mount Adapter

• LPL Mount Adapter

• Anamorphic Module X1.8-2.0X 

• Anamorphic Module X1.5-1.65X 

• FFF Full Frame Eyepiece (Included with Finder)

• FFF Super-35 Eyepiece

• Custom Case (Included with Finder)