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2x Anamorphic Rear Adapter

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FOB Los Angeles, CA, USA

This newly designed 2X anamorph featuring a large anamorphic element breathes new life into classic academy 35mm lenses

With this sophisticated Xpander, you can now bring back the history of motion pictures.

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The extended glass anamorphic surface offers edge-to-edge aberration-free anamorphic performance.
• The Anamorphic Adapter connects to the universal mount of the Angenieux 24-290 Optimo, the HR 25-250, the Angenieux 17-102 and the Varotal Cooke 18 – 100, 25-250, and the legendary Cooke 20-60.

• 2x Anamorphic Adapter.

• ANA UNI 35 #2001 Anamorphic 2x universal mount Angenieux/Cooke

• Stop loss: 1 stop

• CAUTION: Use only on mirrorless cameras